It is important for adults of all ages to attain a goal of performing 30 minutes of moderate intensity activity on most days of the week for their health and function in daily life.


This tool provides older adults and professionals with recommendations for safe and appropriate activities in light of known risk factors. It offers a comprehensive approach in matching individuals to an appropriate exercise program, identifying potential risk factors associated with exercise, providing safety tips and encouraging communication with medical providers.

While it is generally not necessary to see a health care provider before beginning every-day physical activities that are of light or moderate intensity, we encourage you to talk with your health care provider about your health and exercise as part of your regular visits.

  • The interactive online tool: 6 question assessment for risk factors associated with exercise to get started, plus additional questions to know who is using the interactive online tool 

  • Personalized summary report from the interactive online tool: what to consider and discuss with health care providers before starting an exercise program

  • Safety tips for beginning exercise, when to stop exercising, and when exercising should not be initiated (PDF available HERE)

  • Links to resources and exercise programs for the specific needs of individuals

  • Terms and conditions of use including research forms

  • Hard copy of the EASY Tool for download